Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How does our Facebook Party work?

With Bumblebee Toys and Jilly Bo Billy's approaching Facebook party coming up, we've been getting this question a lot!  Anyone can participate in this party, and it will be happening on our Facebook page.

When: April 8th 2011 from 12:30pm - 2:30pm PST
Where: Bumblebee Toys Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/bumblebeetoys)

There is also a Facebook Party "Event" to RSVP to through Facebook.  If you RSVP to our party, you will be entered to win an ADDITIONAL prize on top of all the prizes we're giving away during the party!

In addition to our Facebook Party, there are now two chances to Pre-Enter for the "grand prize"!  This has commenced on both Bumblebee Toys' and  Jilly Bo Billy's Facebook page.  so be sure to come on over to enter:

How it works:
You will go to our facebook page on April 8th at 12:30pm PST, and we will begin posting frequent posts.  You can refresh your page as much as you like (every few seconds) and each time you refresh your page, there will be lots of new postings and activity.  Feel free to join in the chatter!

Every few minutes we will be posting a giveaway with instructions on how to enter, ie "liking" a sponsors page, posting a photo, leaving a comment, etc.  There will be approximately 12 giveaways during our party, with a LARGE GRAND PRIZE as well, worth over $1100 in products.
Most of our sponsors have generously donated two items;  one for the individual giveaways during the party, and one for the Grand Prize at the end, so the Grand Prize will be massive!

There will also be a "promote your own business" window of time, with a special giveaway just for those who do so!  Yoyomama is generously donating a $150 ad for whoever wins!

Just for fun, we're including our list of sponsors for you to see.  Many of these prizes are in the Grand Prize pot as well.  It's going to be fabulous folks!  Hope you can make it!!!

(See our Contests page on our website for pics of the prizes!)

  • Guidecraft - Child's Table and Chair set  ($220)
  • Bamboletta - Serendipity Doll  ($180)
  • Sarah's Silks - Rainbow Silk Scape and Fairy Dress with Rainbow Streamer ($100)
  • Kiss Naturals - Soap, lip balm, perfume, and bath fizzle making kits ($84)
  • Green Toys - 2 Tea Sets ($54)
  • Jilly Bo Billy - Pick a party dress!  ($50)
  • Artterro - Collage Jewelry and Art Doll Craft Kits ($50)
  • Pixiekids Toys - Eco-felt Tea Set ($40)
  • Bakerella -  Cake Pop Cookbook  ($40)
  • Loves Me Not - Tea for Two Tank ($40)
  • Luna Organics - 2 Make-Up Sets ($36)
  • Eco-Kids - 2 All natural egg dyeing kits  ($34)
  • Princess Poppets - Waldorf Doll Outfit ($30)
  • Bumblebee Toys - Wooden Pastry Set ($25)
  • Notes (by Redletter Design Studio) - Set of Personalized Invitations  ($20)
  • Once Upon a Bedtime - Bedtime stories for children on CD  ($15)
  • Lil Doodlers - Tea Pot Shaped Crayons  ($10)
  • Ribbon Candy - Tea Party Felt Hair Clip  ($7)

Grow your own Easter grass!

All-Natural Living Grass Easter Basket! 

Tired of the plastic "grass" we typically use to fill our children's Easter baskets?  Try an easy and environmental alternative; growing your own Easter basket grass! 
Not only is it incredibly easy and fun, but children will be delighted when they get to be a part of the project.

Children are inherently born with an appreciation and curiosity for nature and the world around them. They gain so much by watching something they plant in the earth, with their own hands, grow to become something much different than the seed they started with.  It's natures' magic, and children are drawn to it!

As well, Easter is a celebration of rebirth and renewal.  What a wonderful way to further honour the meaning of Easter.
Start at least one week in advance (two is even better), and you will have a beautiful and lush living basket of grass right on time for the bunny!

  • If you only have one week to grow the grass, soak spring wheat berries in warm water overnight. If you have two weeks before Easter, proceed to the next step; soaking the berries isn’t necessary.
  • Line your Easter basket with aluminum foil, all around the bottom and up the sides.  Alternatively you can find a glass pie pan, jar, or other container, to fit inside the Easter basket.  Then, put at least 1 1/2 inches of potting soil into the bottom of the container and spread evenly. Scatter the soil generously with spring wheat berries and cover lightly with soil.
  • Gently yet thoroughly water the seeded soil and place in a warm sunny location.
  • Make certain the soil remains moist at all times during germination.
To add to the beauty of your grassy creation, you can decorate the handle of the basket with ribbons or dried flowers. 

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